An Experienced Family Law Lawyer in South Bend, Indiana

I believe that honest and clear advice is the most important item that any attorney can offer their client.  With the right advice, you can make the right decisions to your legal problems.  You should know all of the ways your legal issue can impact your life and what options you have. Most importantly, you should have this advice delivered to you in a timely manner at a price you can afford.  As your lawyer, I will strive to help you understand your case and your options and how each option can impact your life.




My South Bend Area Law Practice

As a lawyer based in South Bend, Indiana, I work with clients throughout St. Joseph County and Marshall County in helping them find solutions for their legal problems in the areas of family law, divorce, paternity cases, child support, small business matters, and estate planning.  My aim is to help you find solutions to your legal problems at a lower cost to you and your family.


An Experienced Family Law and Child Support Lawyer

As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the child support division, I have the knowledge and “know-how” to help you understand your family law and child support matter.  Going through a family law issue such as a divorce, child support litigation, or having visitation issues creates plenty of stress without adding the legal part to the problem.  With my experience in handling family law matters I can help you resolve these matters and put the stress of your legal case behind you.

Contact me today so that we can discuss your case.  I offer free phone consultations for cases so that we can help you determine the best course of action for your case and help you understand how I can help you as your family law lawyer.