Is Your Marijuana Misdemeanor Eligible for Conditional Discharge?

Facing a marijuana misdemeanor charge may not seem like a big deal.  I mean it is a Class B Misdemeanor in most cases.  However, with that Class B Misdemeanor conviction comes the potential for jail time and a license suspension.  What may not seem like that big of a case in the beginning, can become something that haunts you.

However, facing a marijuana misdemeanor criminal charge does not have to result in a scenario that ends in jail time and loss of driving privileges.  Under Indiana law, you may find you are eligible for a conditional discharge.

What is a marijuana conditional discharge?

A conditional discharge is granted by the court, if you are eligible.  As the name suggests there are conditions to having your misdemeanor case discharged.  For starters, you cannot have a prior drug related conviction.  Once you are past that hurdle then you will have conditions that you have to meet during a period of time the court deems appropriate.  This usually involves drug classes or drug treatment and random drug screens.  This may seem like a lot to get your marijuana case tossed, but remember this is the same sort of thing you would likely have to do on probation.  The end result is that if you successfully complete the program then your case will be dismissed.  Also, remember that because there is no record of the conviction upon entering the conditional discharge program, your license will not be suspended.

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