Child Support and Your Driver’s License – South Bend Child Support Lawyer

Child Support offices throughout Indiana have a variety of tools to help them collect child support.  One such tool is the ability to suspend a non-payor’s ability to drive pursuant to I.C. 31-25-4-32. This particular statute allows the child support agency to issue a notice to the BMV to have someone’s driving privileges suspended so long as that person is delinquent in the payment of child support.

However, you have options, granted some are better than others.  For ezample, the agency could require the arrearage be paid in full before a child support suspension is lifted. Most agencies will work with you to establish a payment plan and so long as you have been making payments regularly for a few months, the child support agency will lift the suspension.  You can also seek a Specialized Driving Privilege under Indiana law so long as you meet the requirements set forth.

Your support does not need to completely hamper your ability to drive. If you are behind in child support or your driver’s license is suspended contact me at 574-966-0433 to see what legal remedies may be available for you.