Obtaining Your Specialized Driving Privileges in Indiana

Over the last couple of years, Indiana has made it a more streamlined process for a person who has their driving privileges suspended to seek a remedy to be able to legally operate a motor vehicle.  As of now, people that are suspended can petition a court to consider an issuance of a Specialized Driving Privilege.  

There are very few statutory restrictions regarding the Specialized Driving Privileges, for example, you cannot have a CDL and be granted a Specialized Driving Privilege.  Also, if you are serving a suspension for refusing to take a chemical test as part of a DUI investigation that specific suspension time cannot be wiped out by a Specialized Driving Privilege Order.  

The Specialized Driving Privilege is mostly at the discretion of the judge deciding whether or not it should be granted. In addition, the judge deciding the case can add specific conditions or requirements to the Specialized Driving Privilege, such as having an Ignition Interlock Device, carrying insurance, limiting the ability to drive only for work related purposes, etc.  While the restrictions can be tough, for many people it can be the path to being able to legally drive while they are serving a Habitual Traffic Violator suspension.  

If you are a resident of St. Joseph County, Indiana and  have questions regarding your driver’s license suspension, call me today at 574-387-6529 to discuss whether a Specialized Driving Privilege may be right for you.  

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