Understanding Indiana Driver’s License Suspensions

There are a variety of reasons your Indiana driver’s license can be suspended.  You could be suspended for not providing proof of insurance and simply have to wait 90 days and pay a reinstatement fee or you could find that after many different driving related criminal cases you driving privileges are suspended for life. How do you get to each level of suspension?

Lifetime Suspensions in Indiana

Starting with a Lifetime Suspension, you simply have to have a horrendous driving record and find yourself of being convicted of some type of Habitual Traffic Violator offense as a felony to get to this point.  It is not a common suspension to see on most BMV reports, but make enough bad decisions regarding driving offenses and you could very well be here.

What can be done with your Lifetime Suspension? If you have previously held a license in the past, then it would be possible to make a request for a Specialized Driving Privilege. This is a license that could be given that would allow you to legally drive usually with some conditions.

Additionally, there may be circumstances where you may be able to ask a court to rescind the Lifetime Suspension.  This would allow you the possibility to get a regular driving privilege and have a regular license if the court were to grant this request.

Habitual Traffic Violator Suspensions in Indiana

A more common suspension is being suspended as a Habitual Traffic Violator for a defined period of time.  Getting here is still a monumental task and requires either 3 major moving violations such as OWI’s or Reckless Driving or 10 moving violations. For both instances they have to had occurred in a 10 year period.

Similarly to the Lifetime Suspension, a court can grant you a Specialized Privilege which would allow you to drive legally while the suspension for the HTC is running.

What about other types of suspensions under Indiana law?

Everything from unpaid tickets to not having insurance to driving while never having a license could all cause your license to be suspended.  So what do you do to get your license back?

In many cases, agreements can be worked out with various prosecutors offices to clear up any unpaid or tickets that were not dealt with.  Typically, this can take some time, but giving the circumstances of each individuals driving records can usually be cleaned up without facing additional suspension time.

If you license is currently suspended, please contact me at 574-387-6529 to discuss what I can do for you.

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