Specialized Driving Privilege in Indiana – When does it make sense for you? – South Bend Traffic Lawyer

You find that your Indiana driver’s license has been suspended and you really are trying to drive to work legally, how do you fix this?  Well, for some people the Specialized Driving Privilege is the way; but for others perhaps not.  It can be a complicated question and usually starts with a thorough review of […]

Understanding Indiana Driver’s License Suspensions

There are a variety of reasons your Indiana driver’s license can be suspended.  You could be suspended for not providing proof of insurance and simply have to wait 90 days and pay a reinstatement fee or you could find that after many different driving related criminal cases you driving privileges are suspended for life. How […]

Miranda and the Right to Remain Silent – South Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself is a fundamental constitutional right that you have.  Simply put, you have an absolute right to remain silent in a criminal case at any stage of the proceedings.  If you are talking with the police, you can sit there and say absolutely nothing.  If you are […]

Obtaining Your Specialized Driving Privileges in Indiana

Over the last couple of years, Indiana has made it a more streamlined process for a person who has their driving privileges suspended to seek a remedy to be able to legally operate a motor vehicle.  As of now, people that are suspended can petition a court to consider an issuance of a Specialized Driving […]

Not Paying Your Child Support? Bad Things Can Happen! – South Bend Child Support Lawyer

An order for child support can come up in a divorce case, a paternity action, CHINS case, etc.  The child supportorder is a requirement by the Court that you pay a certain amount every week to the Clerk of the Court (or through the State of Indiana) for the support and maintenance of your minor […]

Marijuana Possession as a Misdemeanor – South Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

While marijuana possession laws have greatly changed in many states, it is still very much illegal in Indiana.  I.C. 35-48-4-11 makes most marijuana possession a Class B misdemeanor in the State of Indiana.  This means that you could face a potential jail penalty of 0 to 180 days and a fine of up to $1,000. […]

OWI and Refusal of the Breathalyzer – South Bend DUI Lawyer

In Indiana, officers arresting a person for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated will generally inform the driver of Indiana’s Implied Consent Law.  What is Indiana’s Implied Consent Law? I.C. 9-30-6-1 states that, “A person who operates a vehicle impliedly consents to submit to the chemical test provisions of this chapter as a condition of operating […]