The initial consultation is a chance for you and me to sit down and discuss the particular facts of your case and to help you determine the best approach to your case.  Sometimes, the initial consultation can lead to me simply stating that you really do not need to take any legal action, to me making a very detailed recommendation as to what actions should be taken.  The consultation helps me figure this out for you and is one main reason that I use the consultation.

Another reason for the initial consultation is that hiring a lawyer is a two way street.  It may seem like you pick a lawyer and they take your case, but that’s not quite the way it goes.  There are cases and clients that I have turned down in the past for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as a case may be more complex and need more time than I have available.  Other times, it may be something where I feel that I am not the type of attorney you are looking for.

What do I charge for my initial consultations?

My initial consultations are $50 and will typically last between 30 to 45 minutes.

Why do I charge for an initial consultation?  For starters, I strongly feel that I am offering you more than just my time when we sit down and meet.  Typically, I will have obtained a copy of the charges, arrest reports, and/or driving records before our meeting.   The information that I give you will provide you insight into how the law, the particular judge you are in front of, and the prosecutor will handle your particular facts.  This information can help you prepare to take the next steps to minimize the impact the case will have on your life.

Please be advised that I do require payment to be made at the time of the appointment and I accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

What if I only have a couple of questions?

That may be or it may not be.  Depending on the answers I give to those couple of questions, it could create new questions.  Very rarely have I had a situation where I would only meet with someone for a couple of minutes to answer a couple of questions.  Most of the time, more questions do develop as we are discussing your case.  Also, as I stated above, I use the initial consultation for information gathering.  You may only have a couple of questions for me, but I can tell you that I will likely have many more questions for you.

What should I expect from the initial consultation?

The first thing to remember is that you have to come prepared. I will need a certain amount of information to be able to tell you how your case may proceed.  So you need to remember that everything offered during the initial consultation will be covered by the attorney-client privilege.  So do not worry about what you tell me.  It is important that you be honest with the facts of your case both favorable and unfavorable.

One question that I commonly ask people during an initial consultation is what sort of result are you expecting.  This question allows me the opportunity to help you truly understand what the law may allow for in your particular case.  Sometimes, this question will determine whether or not you pursue your legal matter in court.

What should I bring with me to the consultation?

Most of the time, I will ask you to bring any paperwork that you may have received regarding your case up to the point before we meet.  Often times, I will work to try to obtain certain things regarding your case or issues before we meet.  However, what you may have received can be more than I am able to obtain without entering my attorney appearance on the case.  If you are coming to speak to me about a license issues, please bring a copy of your BMV report.
If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please feel free to call my office at (574) 387-6529 or use the contact form.