Miranda and the Right to Remain Silent – South Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself is a fundamental constitutional right that you have.  Simply put, you have an absolute right to remain silent in a criminal case at any stage of the proceedings.  If you are talking with the police, you can sit there and say absolutely nothing.  If you are […]

Not Paying Your Child Support? Bad Things Can Happen! – South Bend Child Support Lawyer

An order for child support can come up in a divorce case, a paternity action, CHINS case, etc.  The child supportorder is a requirement by the Court that you pay a certain amount every week to the Clerk of the Court (or through the State of Indiana) for the support and maintenance of your minor […]

Marijuana Possession as a Misdemeanor – South Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

While marijuana possession laws have greatly changed in many states, it is still very much illegal in Indiana.  I.C. 35-48-4-11 makes most marijuana possession a Class B misdemeanor in the State of Indiana.  This means that you could face a potential jail penalty of 0 to 180 days and a fine of up to $1,000. […]

Defining “Intoxicated” Under Indiana’s OWI Statutes – South Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

When most people think of OWI or DUI charges they probably relate it to driving under the influence of alcohol. To be certain, this is probably the majority of OWI or DUI convictions and charges in Indiana, but what about driving under the influence of other substances? First, let’s consider the definition of intoxication under […]

Why Refusing a Chemical Test for a DUI Stop Can be More Painful Now – South Bend DUI Lawyer

Indiana has an Implied Consent law that basically states that if you refuse to submit to a chemical test after an officer has established probable cause that you may have been operating a vehicle intoxicated, you face an automatic year suspension of your license. There are times when a refusal can help your criminal DUI […]

Child Support and Your Driver’s License – South Bend Child Support Lawyer

Child Support offices throughout Indiana have a variety of tools to help them collect child support.  One such tool is the ability to suspend a non-payor’s ability to drive pursuant to I.C. 31-25-4-32. This particular statute allows the child support agency to issue a notice to the BMV to have someone’s driving privileges suspended so […]

What is pre-trial diversion and is it something you should consider for your criminal case?

You are in court for your first appearance on a criminal misdemeanor. You are feeling anxious and concerned because at your first court appearance you may have heard that you could be facing jail time, fines, probation, etc. Certainly these are cause for concern. If this is your first case in the criminal courts in […]

Is Your Marijuana Misdemeanor Eligible for Conditional Discharge?

Facing a marijuana misdemeanor charge may not seem like a big deal.  I mean it is a Class B Misdemeanor in most cases.  However, with that Class B Misdemeanor conviction comes the potential for jail time and a license suspension.  What may not seem like that big of a case in the beginning, can become […]